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[Published on 2010-04-04 in Green Door Publishing by Andrew]

Pattaya Map

Pattaya Maps By Green Door Enterprises Co., LtdIn October 2008 Green Door Enterprises printed its first free map and tourist guide to Pattaya. Presented in a easily fold away pocket sized format our map has been hugely popular and an invaluable companion for thousands of tourists on holiday here in Pattaya. As well as being a useful map for tourist navigating their way around the city, it also highlights the most popular and main tourists areas and entertainment venues, as well as useful information such as hospitals and police phone numbers.

Our map is updated frequently to constantly provide the most relevant information and is distributed monthly throughout the city and can be picked up for free in many hotels, shopping centers and other establishments from Naklua to Jomtien Beach.

We hope our map will continue to be a great resource for tourists and new comers to Pattaya so please feel free to grab your free copy next time you see a Green Door Enterprises Stand.

We would love to hear from anyone with ideas, suggestions and comments that could help further enhance the benefits our map currently provides.

Happy holidays!


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