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[Published on 2010-10-04 in Property Newsby Chris Thompson]

Pattaya - The Future is Bright

Pattaya bay from the view pointIrrefutably Asia's premier beach resort destination, Pattaya has been a shining star during the current global downturn, offering a high quality of living plus a positive on-going investment hub. As the global economy tentatively edges its way out of recession all signs are pointing to a bright future away from the recent credit and economic crisis.

Pattaya has been a shining star during the current global downturn

The UK, Europe and the United States suffered more than most during the recent downturn which had much less of an effect on Asian countries. Thailand in particular fared well, with much of the credit going to the excellent management carried out by the Thai Finance Ministry. One knock on effect of this is that the over the last 2-3 years the housing market has stayed strong with only a minor adjustment in average property prices. Thailand's GDP has continued to see year on year growth, with record highs for the first quarter of this year despite the occasional centralised political unrest in Bangkok and remains an attractive and stable haven for foreign investment.

Although property prices have adjusted to the global economic slump they have fared much better than most other SE Asia countries and have seen nowhere near the same drop as their European and US counter parts. As the rest of the world is slowly recovering from the recession Thailand is seeing record highs in economic growth. Continued foreign investment and massive infrastructure projects result in a strong, sustainable future, leaving Thailand and Pattaya in particular the number one choice for foreign investors and property buyers alike.

Thailand is seeing record highs in economic growth

Today Pattaya is a hive of activity with property developers, investors (both commercial and private) continually drawn to the beach side city of Pattaya. The gorgeous weather, amazing beaches, Exotic foods, flamboyant night-life and welcoming locals have supported an almost decade long surge in tourists, holiday home buyers, ex-pats and retirees which when combined underpin a prolonged, positive outlook for the future property market here in Thailand.

So whether you're buying a vacation studio apartment or 5 bedroom villa as your retirement home Pattaya will not let you down.


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