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[Published on 2009-10-06 in Pattayaby Chris Thompson]

Dining Out In Pattaya

It is often said that some nationalities eat to live, while others live to eat. The latter is certainly true of the Thai people. In Thailand, life often seems to be centred on food. When they get together, or someone visits, they invariably offer food. Consequently, superb Thai food is available all over Thailand, and Pattaya is no exception. It has a vast range of Thai restaurants, curbside vendors and roving hand-drawn or motorized carts, where you can enjoy dishes such as noodles, grilled meats, seafood, corn-on-the-cob, fresh fruit and other quirky fare from the staggering variety of local and regional specialities that are available all over the city.

Due to Pattayas popularity as a holiday and retirement destination and the nearby industrial parks, that house many international companies with their ex-patriot workforces, there is a vast array of restaurants featuring cuisine from all over of the globe. Undoubtedly, Pattaya rivals some of the world's big cities for the sheer number, quality and diversity of dining places available. Luckily, because of the fierce competition between all the types of venues, the prices are extremely reasonable. It is perfectly possible to get a filling Thai meal for as little as 20 Baht. Indeed, compared to the costs in the west, here they are phenomenally good value.

Pattaya is the only sea-side city, in a verdant tropical setting, that has European, Russian, American, Australian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and, of course, Thai restaurants among the dining venues liberally distributed throughout. Everything from pasta and fresh seafood to sushi, fish 'n chips, tender steaks, kebabs, schnitzels and meat pies are available all over the town and surrounding region.

Fast food chains, such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts and Subway are all present. There are also many superior, first class restaurants serving excellent cuisine and fine wines located in all areas. Most guest houses and all the hotels have their own restaurants that are open to the general public. In addition delicatessens and coffee shops that serve food are found everywhere.

The visitor can even laze on the beach in a deckchair beneath an umbrella and have tasty Thai snacks, ice creams and drinks brought to them by beach vendors.

All this adds up to something of a culinary treat and one of the many pleasures found when coming to Pattaya. Even the most discerning visitors will not have any problem finding a comfortable, relaxing place with a menu that suits both their taste and pocket.


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