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[Published on 2011-08-18 in Pattayaby Chris Thompson]

Why Buy A Property In Pattaya

Picture of Jomtien from Le Saigon RestaurantFor over two decades Pattaya has grown from a small fishing village into a small town and has now graduated to legitimate city status. The three main beeches of Wong Amat, Pattaya Bay and Jomtien Beach all contribute to make Pattaya City, one of Asia's most premier beach resorts. On going foreign investment and continued government infrastructure improvements are contributing to Pattaya's rise and reputation and it's quickly becoming the number one destination for tourist and ex-pats alike.

Thailand is still very attractive from an investors stand point

Whether you're a holiday maker, long-term visitor or residing here in Pattaya almost anything you can find at home is available here. Pattaya is home to some fantastic shopping Mall's featuring world recognized international brands and designers such as Christian Dior', Prada, and Armani. The latest addition on Pattaya's beach Road is the massive Central Festival Center that features cinemas, bowling alleys and even a 3D-Motion theater! There are also a multitude of super markets throughout the city that sell imported goods from all over the world as well as local foods and produce.

Nearly all sports can be played, practiced or taken up while in Pattaya. There are a number of world-class golf courses around the out-skirts of the city. Tennis, squash and badminton clubs are in no short supply, there are around 5 very large gymnasiums competing for custom including the world famous California WOW. Other sporting facilities can be found in and about town such as Muay Thai boxing academies and other martial arts centers. For the more adventurous Bungee jumping, sky diving and off-road buggy racing can all be found in Pattaya. Water sports are also a given, scuba diving a must for anyone who loves the sea and there are lots of dice schools in and around Pattaya that hold lessons and provide dive trips along the coast.

The night-life in Pattaya is second to none and plays a major part in the allure of Pattaya for tourists and travelers from every corner of the world! The world-famous walking street is home to literally hundreds of bars, from the traditional Go-Go bars to newer trendy Coyote bars and chill out lounges. There are a host of night clubs specializing in every musical taste from electronic dance music to hip-hop and R&B to live rock 'n' roll bands and a blues club. Some of the more higher end bars can be found in some of the 5 star resorts, such as Mantra in the Amari hotel, The Bed Club and Minus 5 Bar in the Amari Nova-tel and the Deep Bar on roof-top of Dusit D2. Further into the city and away from the heavily tourist populated area's you can find selection of Thai disco's and bars. They usually feature live bands, DJ's and show dancers. Whatever you're seeking from a night out Pattaya has it covered!

Pattaya has an almost never-ending list of restaurants on offer. There are many Asian restaurants such Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean. A host of international restaurants catering for tastes ranging from Italian, Russian, French, and Swiss to Traditional English & Irish Pub fare. You can find authentic Middle Eastern and Turkish Kebab houses, pizzerias and all the usual fast food chains, like Burger King and KFC. Obviously Pattaya has a vast array of Thai cuisine on offer, with foods from the different provinces throughout Thailand. Pattaya is famous for its sea food restaurants right on the beach and street stalls selling BBQ treats to spicy Thai salads!

Pattaya is a fun city and has much to see and do. There are various means to getting about the city. The public transport system is cheap, easy and plentiful. You have Baht Buses which constantly circle the city and will also take private fares, air-conditioned taxi meters and motorcycle taxis for shorter journeys. Motorbikes and private car hire are very good value for money and readily available, and for the more adventurous you can find Jeep's and Quad bikes for rent too. Suffice to say getting about Pattaya is fast, cheap and easy.

So back to our question;

Why Buy A Property In Pattaya?

Well, if the above overview of what Pattaya has on offer isn't enough to temp you, lets get down to business. what are the long-term growth and investment benefits of acquiring property in Pattaya?

Thailand as a whole and Pattaya in particular has remained strong throughout the last two years of the global financial crisis. Due to a serious recession back in 1996 Thailand along with other countries in S.E Asia learned not to over extend themselves in debt and as a result have fared much better than Europe, Great Britain and the United States. Continued foreign investment remains strong despite some political unrest last year. Thailand is still very attractive from an investors stand point and is considered stable compared to most other S.E. Asian countries. The housing market in particular is set to grow this year and well into 2012. Conservative estimates are forecasting an impressive 6-10% rise throughout the country with even higher yields in more affluent areas, such as Pattaya.

Pattaya city is and continues to be one of the most cosmopolitan coastal cities in Asia and should be your number one stop when searching for a home or investment opportunity in S.E Asia.


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