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[Published on 2011-10-03 in Property Newsby Jesse Schule]

Why More People Are Choosing Pattaya Over Phuket

A Taxi In PhuketThe Island of Phuket in Southern Thailand has been growing in popularity in recent years, with a significant increase in annual tourist arrivals. This is welcome news to hoteliers and real estate developers, however local expats find themselves struggling to manage with the growing cost of living. Many long time residents have been looking at making a move to Pattaya, where the cost of food and accommodation is much lower. While the cost of rental property, hotels, bars and restaurants has almost doubled over the last decade in Phuket, it remains affordable in Pattaya. 

Pattaya is growing in popularity

Both of these popular resort destinations are well known for their world renowned nightlife, and depending on who you talk to, some might say that one is better than the other. One thing that nobody will dispute is that the average cost of a night out on Walking Street will be more affordable than a night out on Bangla Road. Nightlife is one of the foremost attractions that lure foreign tourists to Thailand, so it is no surprise that Pattaya is growing in popularity due to a rise in the cost of entertainment in Phuket. 

Phuket is famous for having some of the world's best beaches, however more tourists are finding it challenging to find a spot of unoccupied sand on any of the main beach resorts on the island. The local beach boys might be able to offer a plastic chair and an umbrella, however it will cost you 100THB. Pattaya has long been a popular place for Bangkokians to enjoy a weekend at the beach, and tourists are finding that Jomtien Beach is less crowded and every bit as enjoyable as any of Phuket's beaches. Popular activities such as para-sailing, water skiing, kite-surfing and windsurfing top the list of things to do at the beach in Jomtien. 

The lack of affordable public transportation has plagued Phuket for years, and several recent high profile incidents of violence involving tourists and tuk tuk drivers have many people calling for the government to make changes. One of the common suggestions is that government officials should look at implementing something similar to what is currently in use in Pattaya. The preferred method of getting around in Pattaya is a system of baht buses, simple pickup trucks with rows of benches in the back. The cost of riding a baht bus is minimal, nothing in comparison to the fares charged by tuk tuks in Phuket. 

An efficient public transportation system combined with a more affordable cost of living is luring many long time residents away from Phuket, making the move to Pattaya. Many tourists are also taking notice, with Pattaya now more attractive than ever. With more people looking to make the move, the property market is expected to experience a significant growth in sales, with the price of condominiums expected to be on the rise in the coming year. The word on the street is that "Pattaya is the place to be, with top value for your dollar, it is one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia". 


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