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[Published on 2013-12-12 in Property Newsby Green Door Enterprises]

Investing in real estate overseas

Investing in real estate overseas may just be the finest and the most promising way for investors to build up a small fortune in due course of time. In these times when there is a great amount of variability and instability, the profits from these overseas investments can be enormous. Supply and demand are two inter-related variables, the supply in the case of land however, is limited. Land is scarce, and as populations increase manifold, the pressure on this limited amount of available land only increases. With so little space to accommodate so many people, it is only a logical conclusion that the land will go to the highest bidder. Land therefore, just might be the smartest investment you will ever make.

When a booming population starts to chase after this finite amount of residential or office space, the demand increases; the supply of land being limited to what god created is limited and cannot be manufactured. Therefore, in lay man terms, the scarcer the object the more its value increases. People are willing to pay a higher price for something that is harder to come by. This is a natural phenomenon. We see this when a person is not available easily, their value or importance increases. Similarly, this limited amount of land will only increase in value as the population and the pressure on land goes up. Therefore, being in ownership of a scarce commodity can be extremely profitable. Land in this case, being the scarce commodity, can bring you great returns in the long run when property is still scarce whereas, the number of people wanting it are more and their spending power has increased manifold.

Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world. Due to its ancient origins and the different races of people who settled here millions of years ago, Asia enjoys a natural cultural diversity that no other continent can offer. Asia is known to be home to a number of languages that originate from varied language families. Most countries in Asia have a number of languages that are spoken within its boundaries. For instance, there are more than 600 languages that are spoken in Indonesia alone, more than 800 are spoken in India whereas Philippines has a list of 100 different languages that are spoken within its bounds.

Many of the world's oldest religions were born in Asia. Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc. were all brought to life in the giant that is Asia. In China and Japan Taoism, Jainism and Confucianism came into being. Asia has people of many different skin colors who follow many different religions and have all different traditions. This continent boasts of some of the world's most beautiful landscapes and heritage sites. Asia is among the richest in biodiversity. Buying property in the midst of such a rich cultural diversity can be a very profitable investment. These spots tend to become very attractive tourist destinations. People from the world over want to visit these exotic lands. Therefore, investing here is always a great idea.

At Green Door Enterprises, we specialize in the sale and purchase of Real estate in Asian countries and in particular Thailand. We bring you some of the best deals that you can find anywhere. We are trustworthy and dedicated to our company's ideals and principles. We bring you some of the best Seaboard Properties Pattaya has to offer at rates that will blow your mind. It is not an easy feat to be able to purchase property overseas, especially since you have no exposure to the dealings in that country and how it functions. At GreenDoor Enterprises, we strive to bring you in touch the best Property Pattaya has to offer along with other gorgeous destinations in Asia, that you will not only enjoy as an investment, but those that will double as your holiday home or place for recreation at other times.

When investing in real estate, you can choose whether you would like to invest a small sum of money or a big sum. Investing in Commercial Property in Pattaya for example, is a great idea at the moment. This is mainly due to the fact that for the longest time the Thai real estate market was dominated by people investing in places like Phuket and Bangkok. Now these places have been exploited to their limits and have begun to face serious competition from Pattaya Properties. If you have a little foresight, you can very well fathom the fact that Pattaya Properties are coming face to face with a real estate boom, and is likely to become one of Thailand's fastest growing cities.

The great thing about investing in real estate is that it is a productive asset. This asset is not affected by changes in the economy in a big way. This happens due to a very simple reason, there will always be people around, and those people will always need a place to stay. Land will therefore, always be in demand. Investing in land like a Pattaya Property for instance, is a great way to invest your savings for a much bigger return in the future. Investing in land, especially overseas is a great idea. You would need to find a reliable Pattaya Property Finder if you intend on investing in a place like Pattaya. A local real estate broker who you can trust is what you need most.

Outside the borders of our own countries lies an entire continent that has not yet been explored for its rich real estate resources. Asia is the world's largest continent. It covers almost 8.7% of the earth's surface area. Just this little piece of information is enough to have people scrambling to invest in this vast continent. It offers a range of opportunities for profit making. Since this continent is majorly unexplored in terms of real estate, land here can be bought at rates that are much cheaper than anywhere else. In Pattaya Property, there has been a boom in the sale of condos at a lower price range.

As it grows into a popular family oriented tourist hub, it will get more and more difficult to find Pattaya Property for Sale. For investors who have already invested in this great city, the time is great to encash on the benefits that their assets are reeling in. There is however, still a lot of Pattaya Property for Sale since it hasn't reached its peak yet. There is still a great increase in demand for high end villas and condos in this beautiful city.

Condominiums are low maintenance. These are great for people who do not wish to run the responsibilities of a fully functional home. There is no need for keeping and maintaining expensive equipment when living in a condo. Most of your needs are taken care of by the building managers. These are much more affordable than family homes. The maintenance of the exteriors of the building are not your responsibility and the building manager takes care of the upkeep and development of the building and its premises. This cuts down majorly on your expenses and responsibility , leaving you to enjoy the benefits of having a ready home whenever you want.

European countries are now reaching a stage where a large population of the people are beginning to form a part of the middle class. This class of people are mainly consumers. These people have high paying jobs and resources at their disposal yet it is still unaffordable for them to invest in real estate in their own countries. Investing in a continent like Asia can prove to be very profitable in these circumstances. Investing in Properites Pattaya has to offer for instance, would be affordable and very profitable for them in the long run.

An increase in the number of jobs created in developed countries directly implies an increase in the spending capacity of its people. Real estate in these countries however, has been exhausted to its full. Finding property in Asian countries is much simpler and cheaper. There are many real estate brokers who can find you the best Property for Sale in Thailand for example. Investing in a gorgeous place like Thailand, people can enjoy the benefits of these investments for a longer time. Buying property in a good, scenic location in Asia is easier than buying a grubby old apartment in many other places.

There are a number of advantages that come out of investing in real estate overseas. Some of these advantages are-

  • The decision lies with you. The decision to buy, sell, rent or lease your property overseas is at your sole discretion. You can choose from the many offers that you have and take up the one that suits you best.
  • Making Cash in a foreign currency. Generating income in a foreign currency is a grandtechnique to broaden your horizonsin terms of expanding your portfolio towards currencies that are appreciating such as the BahtinThailand.
  • It's a great way to evade inflation. Investing in real estate is a fixed asset. It is much better than just cash. Real estatehelps your asset to preserve its own independent value.
  • Many different uses of land. As the products of nature become more expensive and living costs go up, it is a great idea to use your land in order to grow harvests and trees. These not only bring you monetary benefits but also are a great way to do a little something for the planet.
  • It can double as a holiday home. Investing in property in a scenic place in a different country can also be a great way to create a holiday home or a temporary residence for your future. You can finally fulfil that dream of having a home in an exotic land while still managing to earn some profits out of it.
  • Diversifying your investments. When investing in real estate overseas you are securing yourself from economic turmoil in one single country, which might affect your financial situation in the long run. It is never a wise idea to put all your eggs in one basket. Therefore investing in land and properties overseas can bring you and added financial security from times when your own economy might be facing turmoil.

At Green Door Enterprises we help you bring buyers and sellers together. We deal in overseas transactions of real estate, specializing in properties in Pattaya. We bring you some of the most high end condos and apartments along with gorgeous villas for sale. Keeping in mind the dictats of the Amity Agreement (American Citizens), we offer special condominiums to foreign investors who are willing to invest in real estate in Thailand. We keep ourselves up-to-date about with the law in terms of the sale, purchase of land and properties in Thailand.

Our team follows special guidelines through which your dealings in real estate become safer and much simpler than would otherwise be. Our listings consist of some of the best and highest quality of condos and apartments that are available for sale in your preferred area. We have some of the best houses located at some of the best sites in Pattaya. These beautiful homes can become your second home if you want them to be. We allow you the best resources to find and compare condos and apartments of your choice in the locations that you prefer.  


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