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[Published on 2009-08-21 in Attractionsby Chris Thompson]

Coral Island

Koh LarnKoh Lan is the largest of a number of islands that lie in Pattaya Bay. It is conveniently located about seven kilometers offshore and is 4.65 km. long, with a maximum width of 2.15 km. 90% of the area is mountainous and covered in low tropical forest. Its highest point rises to 205 metres with a Buddhist shrine at the peak. The island has two main villages on it: Ban Ko Lan and Ban Krok Makhan, both with shops, restaurants and places to stay. Monkeys naturally inhabit the island as well as other wildlife and the Infrastructure here in most part consists of narrow roadways covered with brick pavers.

Koh Lan, is also known as a coral island due to the quantity and variety of corals found there. All of the necessary amenities are available here, including a police force and a small medical facility. There are about six beaches on the island that boast clean white sand and clear blue water, most of them with a number of excellent restaurants, offering freshly caught seafood

Ta Waen Beach is the longest and most popular beach of Koh Lan. Located in the north west of Koh Lan, this 750-metre-long beach has clear waters and fine white sand. The beach, which is popular among Asian tourists, is lined with colourful beach chairs, shops and restaurants. Located to the west of the island is Thien Beach. This beautiful beach is 500 metres long and has some impressive coral reefs. It is as popular as Ta Waen Beach with many restaurants and numerous water sport activities available. Another beach near Ta Waen Beach is Sangwan Beach. It is only around 150 metres long and without any beachside shops or restaurant, is consequently quieter  and excellent for sunbathing. The 300 metre long Samae Beach is only 10 minute walk from Thien Beach and is popular Europeans. A prominent feature of the beach is the Scenic Viewing Point of Khao Nom, which looks out over the bay with Pattaya City in the distance. It is relatively quiet with shops and restaurants all around. On the northern tip of the island, Thong Lang Beach is a tranquil spot with just one beachside restaurant. The major activity here is shallow-water coral snorkeling. A "sea walker" service is also offered where coral enthusiasts can enjoy another way to view underwater corals. Nual Beach is situated in the south of Koh Larn with a 250 metre long beach which features beautiful corals that attract snorkel diving enthusiasts from all over the world. Here hotels are located right on the seafront.

Apart from those mentioned above, a host of other activities are available on Koh Lan, including windsurfing, waterskiing, jet-skiing and para-sailing. One of the main attractions is sailing around the sightseeing. Some of the boats have glass bottoms enabling passengers to see coral and marine life at the bottom of the sea. Koh Larn is also very well suited for bicycling and hiking. The area also features deep sea fishing boats around Koh Lan's neighbours, Koh Krok, a private island located less than 2 Km to the east of Koh Lan's north east shore and Koh Sak, a narrow "C"-shaped island with a small bay and horseshoe-shaped beach open towards the north. Koh Sak is located just 0.6 Km off Ko Lan's northern tip and accommodation is available.

It is 45 minutes by ferry from Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya. The first boat leaves the pier at 8 a.m. and from Koh lan to Pattaya city also at 8 a.m. It operates every two hours, the last boat from Pattaya to Koh Larn departs at 6.30 p.m. and the last boat departs Koh Lan at 6 p.m. the fare is 20 Baht per person each way. Alternatively, for 1,500 Baht to 2,000 Baht a speedboat can be hired, which cuts the journey time to twenty minutes, with the added advantage of being able to drop off and pick up at any of the beaches.

Many visitors spend their entire holiday on Koh Lan and return year after year. For them it is a peaceful and relaxing home away from home. 


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